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How do I place a conditional order?

You can place conditional orders (sometimes referred to as contingent orders) through:

1. nabtrade IRESS android or IOS mobile (domestic conditional orders only)

To place conditional orders on your phone or tablet install and log in to the nabtrade app. Once logged in go to Contingent Orders (found under the More menu) then select + at the top of the screen. From here you can set up and place your conditional orders.

2. nabtrade IRESS Trader or ViewPoint on your computer (domestic or international orders)

To place conditional orders through IRESS Trader or ViewPoint you will need to have a subscription. Once you have subscribed, launch IRESS Trader or ViewPoint by going to Trading > Launch IRESS Trader and select either Trader or ViewPoint. Once launched go to Orders > Contingent Order Pad and select + Add. From here you can set up and place your conditional orders. 

Follow the link to our nabtrade tutorial to learn more about placing conditional orders.

For further help placing conditional orders please call us on 13 13 80.

Important: To place conditional orders on international shares you will need to contact us on 13 13 80 to activate international services on nabtrade IRESS Trader.