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Adventures in Bubbleville – finfluencers, Reddit and other market madness

Morningstar’s Mark LaMonica describes himself as a ‘lonely bear in a bull market’ – despite having most of his wealth in equities. With decades of experience analysing markets and equities, he’s seeing signs of a bubble – or bubbles – everywhere. So what does an investor need to look out for?

As markets return to their highs, Mark joins Your Wealth to discuss:

  • What finfluencers, Reddit boards and stonk memes have in common with previous bubbles
  • Whether social media is feeding excessive prices for assets of all kinds
  • Why the latest ‘financial experts’ are only a couple of textbook pages ahead of their students
  • How lack of experience can be dangerous, and
  • How to avoid the excesses, and still grow your wealth and knowledge.

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If you’re short on time, consider listening at 1.5-2x speed, which should be shown on the screen of your device as you listen. This won’t just reduce your listening time; it has also been shown to improve knowledge retention.



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