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The reopening trade is over – or is it?

With recent lockdowns in Perth and horrifying infection rates in India, Covid’s impact is still being felt in Australia and around the world. Many popular reopening trade stocks are at or above their pre-Covid highs, so is now time to take profits or look for further bargains?

Investors Mutual Portfolio Manager Dan Moore was the guest on Your Wealth’s highest rated podcast, recorded just as markets started to fall in Feb 2020. A year later he gives his thoughts on:

  • The downside risks to travel stocks, healthcare and more
  • Why capital raisings may not be fully priced into share prices
  • How to ensure you’re not paying too much for a great story
  • Why ‘steady Eddy’ companies are still offering value, and
  • Why Cochlear implant demand has soared since masks were introduced.

You can access this and previous episodes of the Your Wealth podcast now on iTunesPodbeanSpotify or at

If you’re short on time, consider listening at 1.5-2x speed, which should be shown on the screen of your device as you listen. This won’t just reduce your listening time; it has also been shown to improve knowledge retention.



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