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Resources in focus: the outlook for iron awe, lithium and more

Pundits are talking about the potential for a commodities ‘supercycle’, with iron ore and other commodities prices soaring to record levels. Yet the International Energy Agency has called for no new oil, gas or coal projects to achieve net zero by 2050. So how should investors approach materials and energy?


nab’s Head of Commodities Research Lachlan Shaw joins us again to discuss:

  • His short and long term forecasts for iron ore, copper and other key commodities
  • Why iron ore prices are soaring, but may fall back to earth
  • What the key factors are driving the ‘supercycle’ narrative, and
  • How net zero targets will affect demand for lithium, coal, gas, oil and more.

Up to date investors will note that the iron ore price has increased even further since this recording less than two weeks ago, however Lachlan confirms the opinions he expressed in this podcast haven’t changed.



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