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Your Wealth

A fortnightly podcast designed to help you build, manage and protect your wealth.

Episode 116: Hamish Douglass: Covid, US elections and a 50% drop in the S&P500

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What are the key challenges Magellan founder Hamish Douglass is thinking about? In the midst of a pandemic, markets could grind higher by 20%, or drop by half – and investors need to be prepared for either scenario.

Episode 115 - The global outlook - punishing savers and rewarding investors

Duration 38:34  minutes | File Size 36.9 MB | Listen 

Episode 114 - Famed investment manager declares speculative mania in global stocks

Duration 45:39 minutes | File Size  43.5 MB | Listen 

Episode 113 - Everything you need to know about trading on the ASX, but possibly don’t

Duration 37:19 minutes | File Size  35.5 MB | Listen 

Episode 112 - Becoming a full time investor - resources, networks and more

Duration 40:41 minutes | File Size 38.7 MB | Listen 


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