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Reducing volatility and improving yield FIXED INCOME

Reducing your portfolio volatility and improving yield through fixed income

A balanced portfolio is more resilient to market turbulence. Many Australian investors are heavily concentrated in growth assets such as equities and property. Bonds – often considered to be defensive assets – can be used to even out the risk of concentrating your portfolio in growth assets.

With cash rates at an all time low, fixed income can provide a stable source of yield for your portfolio – paying interest rates which are typically above the cash rate.

However like any investment there are risks associated with fixed income – including liquidity risk (meaning there may not be a buyer when you wish to sell), interest rate risk (if interest rates rise then the value of bond may fall) and issuer default.

Read our whitepaper – NAB’s fixed income expert Mark Todd takes a look at the role of fixed income, the risks and benefits and how to access these types of investments. 

Accessing fixed income through nabtrade

Trading listed fixed income securities is just as easy as trading shares through nabtrade. If you’re looking for a list of available listed investments:

  1. Login to nabtrade with your username and password
  2. Hover over the ‘Insight Centre’ in the main navigation menu
  3. Select fixed income

Every so often limited time fixed interest offers become available, to make sure you get notified of limited time investment opportunities like this subscribe to our investment opportunities register here.

Accessing unlisted fixed income

NAB offers wholesale investors access to unlisted fixed income investments through NAB Portfolio Access, which is now fully integrated into nabtrade.

You can email our NAB fixed income experts at

NAB Portfolio Access

We understand how important it is for you to access a broader range of opportunities, so we’ve brought together a suite of NAB investment products, across multiple asset classes, to help you build your investment portfolio.

NAB Portfolio Access allows investors to view their equities, bonds, margin lending, managed funds, and banking products, all on the nabtrade platform.

To find out more about how the service works watch our short video.