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Borrowing to invest

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Here you’ll find information about borrowing to invest, margin lending (with and without margin calls), shares, property and webinars.


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Borrowing to Invest Webinar

Borrowing to invest or gearing has long been a popular strategy for Australians seeking to build and secure their financial future. In this webinar, you’ll learn about:

  • The principles of smart borrowing
  • Considerations when borrowing to invest in property and shares, and how these asset classes have behaved over time
  • Selecting high quality real estate and shares, and the market outlook
  • The various types of investment loans available and associated tips and traps
  • The experts’ views on the age-old adage of property versus shares, or whether both should have room in your portfolio


Overview of Equity Builder

Leverage with investment choice, no margin calls.

More certainty

Eliminate the risks of a
margin call.

Predictable repayments

Principal and interest repayments available.

Greater diversity

Access a broad range of approved investment options.

NAB Equity Builder was awarded the CANSTAR Innovation Excellence award in 2016.

Received by NAB Equity Lending April 2016