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Sydney ASX CEO Connect
Watch the videos from the Sydney ASX CEO Connect event
held on 30 October 2018.

FAR - Catherine Norman


“No guts no glory”. Managing Director of FAR, Catherine Norman, shares her business mantra and discusses why the company is a potentially high return, high risk play for oil investors.

Medibank Private - Craig Drummond


CEO of Medibank, Craig Drummond, discusses what differentiates Medibank from competitors and the company’s strategy to change the healthcare system to reduce treatment costs.

HUB24 - Andrew Alcock


Managing Director of HUB24, Andrew Alcock, outlines the company’s business model and its focussed strategy to create a leading financial services technology platform for advisers and their clients.

New Century - Patrick Walta


Managing Director of New Century Resources, Patrick Walta, discusses the prospects of the company’s Century zinc mining operation and the investment case for the metal.