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Important information regarding IRESS Trader

IRESS Trader is no longer supported in the Google Chrome browser

With the latest update of the Google Chrome browser (version 45), Google has removed all support for Java and other plug-ins.

What does this mean for you?
IRESS Trader users are no longer able to access IRESS Trader from the latest version of Google's Chrome browser.

IRESS Trader users will now need to use the Mozilla Firefox or Safari browser (if using a Mac) to access IRESS Trader.  Please note that Micorosft Edge, the new default browser for Windows 10 also does not support plugins such as Java.

What is being done about the problem?
IRESS is currently developing a new web-based solution that uses modern HTML5 technology, which will mean users are able to use a wider choice of browsers in the future.  We will provide further updates on this page in the coming months.

Where can you download other browsers?

For more information on the Chrome change:

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